Welcome to CIBR Lab

The Cybercrime Interdisciplinary Behavioral Research Laboratory, or CIBR Lab, is housed within the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida. We aim to foster a collaborative research environment for undergraduate and graduate students to work with faculty.


The study of cybercrime involves understanding human behavior and its interaction with technology and networked communications in committing a crime, harmful acts, and deviant behavior. Cybercriminology is a growing sub-discipline that investigates various elements of crimes committed through the use of networked computing devices, including:

CIBR Lab is dedicated to a comprehensive examination of cybercrime, delving into offenders' psychology, methodologies, consequential impact on victims, and broader cybersecurity implications. Our mission is to provide invaluable insights and support to various stakeholders, including local law enforcement, state and federal agencies, technology companies, and cybersecurity experts.

Our approach is collaborative and interdisciplinary. We engage closely with these organizations, sharing our expertise and research findings to identify, develop, and promote evidence-based practices that effectively mitigate cybercrime. A key focus of the CIBR Lab is to enhance victim resilience, aiming to prevent repeat victimization through proactive information sharing and the development of advanced prevention tools.

At CIBR Lab, we are committed to advancing the understanding of cybercrime dynamics and fostering stronger, more resilient communities and organizations in the face of evolving digital threats.


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