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 C.I.B.R. Lab

The Cybercrime Interdisciplinary Behavioral Research Laboratory, or C.I.B.R. Lab, is housed within the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida. Our aim is to foster a collaborative research environment for faculty, staff, and students.


The study of cybercrime involves understanding human behavior and its interaction with technology and networked communications in the commission of a crime, harmful acts, and deviant behavior. Cybercriminology is a growing sub-discipline that investigates various elements of crimes committed through the use of networked computing devices, including:

·         Internet crimes against children

·         Fraud

·         Hacking

·         Harassment

·         Stalking

·         Money laundering

·         Dissemination of hate speech and disinformation


The C.I.B.R. Lab is focused on the study of both the motivations and methods of offenders, as well as, the impact to their victims and its implications. Our goal is to offer public and private organizations assistance in addressing the problem, including local police, state and federal agencies, technology firms, and cybersecurity professionals. We plan to work with these agencies to identify and promote evidence-based practices in mitigating cybercrime. The C.I.B.R. Lab is committed to the promotion of victim resilience and to mitigating repeat victimization through information sharing and prevention tools.


For more information, please contact us at USFCIBRLab@gmail.com