Join the Lab

Why join? First, students admitted to our lab will receive a zero-credit research designation on their transcripts. They will also learn valuable skills in data collection, research design, and data analysis. This kind experience is invaluable in building a strong resume. We also expect students to work on academic papers and present research findings at conferences, especially those tailored to promoting undergraduate research.

Undergraduate research assistants will be expected to do the following:

  • Contribute to at least 10 hours per week on assigned research projects

  • Attend all bi-weekly lab meetings

  • Complete assigned research tasks on time

  • Attend lab-related functions

We are also looking for graduate students to help direct the students in the various research projects

We are recruiting students to join the inaugural year of the lab in the Fall semester 2022. To apply, please submit a one-page personal statement explaining why you are applying to the C.I.B.R. Lab. You should explain your interest in research, especially as it relates to the study of cybercrime. You should also relate you career aspirations and your skills. In addition to the letter, please include a resume and/or curriculum vitae.

We will be accepting applications starting in the Spring and Summer 2022; we will let student know about acceptance at the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester.

Send your personal statement and resume/CV to the following email: